From Friday, June 4th, 2021 you can visit us again without registration and without a corona test in accordance with the relieved corona regulations. All that is required is the use of an FFP2 mask indoors.

feinart berlin gallery

 feinart berlin stands for positions of contemporary national and international artists who place themselves in the field of visual art in a wider sense: painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, in addition, artistic works from the crossover of different genres and still "young" artistic directions such as Digital Art or Street Art.

In exhibition rooms with an area of 100 square meters, feinart berlin presents artists who are in different phases of their artistic career. It is part of our credo to map a spectrum of emerging talents as well as the work of renowned artists.

The art location at Niebuhrstraße 71 in Berlin-Charlottenburg was founded under the support of the private art patron Hans-Otto Nagel in April 2017 and operated under the name ArtStudio Maria Wirth until the end of 2019. Since in January 2020 the gallery has come of age, we realigned the company along with the change of the name to feinart berlin.

But feinart berlin is also: project room and experimental space -

for artists who dare to try something new in workshops and street scenes, in ruins and cellars, in the natural area or a factory, who have to want to pause and think and who want to have to rush forward,

for artists who know where they come from and where they are

and always stray from the path - from the "right" one anyway,

who miss some goals and reach others,

who - of course - hold on to their dreams,

who love passions and, again and again, face the failure.

Additionally, feinart berlin is meeting point. Communication place. Regular table. Debate and relaxation room. Magic chamber -

for the crazy ones and the sighted, the curious and the knowing. For seekers, the immaculate, repeaters, barricade strikers and those who listen. For the smart, the open ones and people in love.

Visit us and experience it yourself!