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Dear art lovers,

we planned to finish our current exhibition "Unweit Jenseits" with works by C.D. Aschaffenburg on March 19, 2020 with a finissage. This date is postponed in the interests of precaution against the further spread of the Corona Virus and protection of our guests. Hoping that the situation will improve soon, we are extending the duration of the exhibition until April 16, 2020.

Additionally, until further notice we decided to keep the gallery closed to the public, but we invite interested parties to visit the current exhibition individually on request.

Exhibition Siegfried Kober "Sit down please!"

Setzen Sie sich! - Siegfried Kober

02.04. - 14.05.2020

The exhibition (English title “Sit down please!”) gathers objects by Siegfried Kober (*1951) belonging to three work series that are very different in terms of material and form. With her rugged, broken surface and archaic expression, Kober's wooden figures seem to counteract the ideal of beauty in ancient sculpture and at the same time revitalize two primal motifs of ancient mythology: the emergence of the human countenance from nature as well as the creative but also destructive power that lies in the hand of man. In contrast to this, the wire objects are light, transparent for the background. These wire weaves stand in the room like drawings turned into bodies, flickering, attracting the eye and leading it into the void. In comparison to this, Kober's graphic works on canvas seem like traces of shadows, counterparts of his objects that have been transformed into surfaces. Particularly, where the outlines of the bulls and bears are scratched into monochrome, black or white surfaces, the unmistakable ability of the sculptor to work with lines and contours in and at the space becomes evident.
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Opening reception - Thursday 02.04., 19:00
Introduction by Christian Kneisel

Closing event - Thursday 14.05., 19:00

28.05. - 25.06.2020

Frauke Bohge

Opening reception  - Thursday 28.05., 19:00
Closing event - Thursday 25.06., 19:00

20.08. - 24.09.2020

Maria Wirth

Opening reception  - Thursday 20.08., 19:00
Closing event - Thursday 24.09., 19:00

08.10. - 05.11.2020

Anne Hoenig

Opening reception  - Thursday 08.10., 19:00
Closing event - Thursday 05.11., 19:00

09.11. - 31.12.2020

Vahid Novruzov - Namik Ismail - Rashad Mediyev

Opening reception  - Thursday 09.11., 19:00
Closing event - Thursday 31.12., 19:00