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From December 30th, 2021 to mid-February 2022, we will be taking a winter break to prepare for a new, exciting exhibition year.
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17.02. - 17.03.2022

Folding time. And moving on

C.D. Aschaffenburg, Sara Assadi, Marek Benczewski, Ebrahim Ehrari, Caty Forden, Christiane Grasse, Mehrdad Mobasseri, Maryam Motallebzadeh, Aurore Millet, Boriana Pertchinska, Wolfgang Petrick, Ulrich Reimkasten, Mathias Roloff, Uwe Sernow-Rose, Jan Sobottka, TAD.berlin, Tiba

Opening reception
Thursday 17.02.2022 5p.m. - 9p.m.

What if time could just be folded up and thrown away, yes, skipped backwards? And then just continue where you left off? After two years of the corona pandemic at the latest, we know very well that this is not possible. Every one in his/her own way.

After the end of the first lockdown in May 2020, 17 artists spontaneously realized a joint exhibition in the gallery feinart berlin, combined with a collection of individual reports and statements on their experiences under Corona.

"For me, it was like falling into a coma, sometimes with no idea what and who I would see when I woke up." (Tiba) | "Painting the view from my apartment I had the strange feeling that the real world began to look like my paintings. It kept me focused in a way I hadn't felt for years." (Caty Forden) | "The Corona period made it possible to experience a special ambivalence between hiding and showing, protection and isolation, which is inherent in masking: on the one hand, digital masks as a media condition to maintain social contacts. On the other hand, the mask in real space as protection from and for other people.” (Sara Assadi) | "One could also see the crisis like an illness as a way in which art can make a significant and perhaps historic contribution to shaping the future." (Maryam Motallebzadeh) | “Crises are always opportunities and opportunities must be seized. After the crisis, nothing will possibly be the same as it was before. Art will have to reclaim its place and many things will be called into question in the process. Ultimately, it is about a paradigm shift that is long overdue, about the relationship between the material and the mind, technology and the people.” (Ulrich Reimkasten)

How do you read these sentences today, at the beginning of 2022? Two years after the first corona lockdown was imposed, we want to continue with a second group exhibition, but less to look back than forward: we are here and we will continue!

Folding time and moving on, or as the artist Mehrdad Mobasseri quoted a Persian poet in April 2020: “We never realize ourselves. We are two abysses — one fountain staring at the sky.” (Omar Khayyam)

24.03. - 05.05.2022

Dieter Matthes & Manfred Carpentier

12.05. - 23.06.2022

Jürgen Tenz

30.06. - 11.08.2022

Christian Wewerka

18.08. - 29.09.2022

Aino Nebel & Renée Pötzscher

curated by Silke Tobeler | Female Gaze Blog

13.10. - 24.11.2022

Elisabeth Störmer-Hemmelgarn