Exhibiting artists A-Z

Boriana Pertchinska, born 1974 in Sofia, visited the National School of Fine Arts Ilia Petrov from 1988 to 1993 and graduated in 1999 with the M.A. in mural painting at National Academy of Fine Arts Sofia. Since 1997 internatio-nal exhibitions i.a. in Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Canada, Malta, Taiwan, France and Germany. She was honored by various scholarships and awards, including the 2009 Award for Special Merit by the International d'Art Miniature Quebec/ Canada, 2002 the UBA competition victory for partici-pation in the international exhibition "100 Faces" and in 2001 the National Award of the Bulgarian Council of Ministers. Her works are i.a. owned by Oberhaus Museum Passau, the Museum of the National Academy of Fine Arts Sofia and the Romanian Embassy. www.boriana-pertchinska.com

 Born in 1974 in Berlin-Köpenick, Dana Bennewitz lives in western Havelland (Brandenburg) since 2000. On the one hand her painting is inspired by fairy tailes and myths, on the other by everyday’s life with its inherent bizarreness. The worlds in which her protagonists are living interweave reality with inner illusion and dream. By this, scenes evolve that depict the complex facets of individually lived realities, in which the boundaries between inside and outside blur in their contradictions. Dana Bennewitz works with an old technique, glaze painting, that she acquired herself in years of investigation, contemplation of medieval paintings and own experiments. As well as the paintings lead the viewer deeper into their symbolism over several levels, the color is applied in layers.  This gives the color world of these pictures an own brilliance and depth. www.theartangel.de

Frank Jerke (*1965 in Berlin) grew up in a photographers' family, where he was directed into a world that could always be mirrored and thought through the eyes of a photographer and his camera. After his employment with an advertising agency Frank Jerke decided to work as a freelance photographer for artists and in the product and advertising photography sector. Under the title “Digital emigrants on Wood" he creates photo-transformations on wood that were inspired by a kind of deficit experience that he associates with the now-inflationary digital photography: the lack of contact to and engagement with sensual materials, as well as the loss of moments of the unavailable and surprising. The "Digital emigrants on wood" are digitally produced photographs that Frank brings back to the natural, analogous medium of wood. www.frankjerke.de

 Born in Baku in 1986, Günay Shamsi lives and works in Berlin since 2015. Her artistic career includes an education as piano player (1991-1998), a diploma with distinction at the Azerbaijan State University of Culture (2007-2011) and a diploma of the German-Azerbaijani Society e.V. for merits in developing the German-Azerbaijani Friendship Relationships (2010), next to numerous art prizes. Her qualification in the field of restoration (2004-2006) and the study of sculpture at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee Berlin since 2015 lead the artictic work of Günay Shamsi beyond the horizon of painting. Since 2009 she is present at numerous group and solo exhibitions in Berlin, Baku, Moscow, Prague, Paris, Normandy, Tromsø, Potsdam, Fulda and Bremen, including the United Buddy Bears Show 2009/10 in Berlin. www.gunay-shamsi.com

Hamid Sadighi Neiriz, born in Tehran in 1947, moved to West Berlin at the age of 17 to study art: at first, from 1966 on architecture, then photography (University of the Fine Arts), from 1972 art history and archeology (TU Berlin) and Art History and Ethnology (FU Berlin), 1976/77 educational trip to Tehran to study Persian mysti-cism & philosophy and archeology at the University of Tehran. 1980 together with Karin and Robin Hawkes founder of the Berlin Galerie Neiriz - until 2014 one of the leading galleries for kilims and artefacts of non-European art, in the 1980s with also active in exhibitions of contemporary artists such as Harald Metzkes and Michaela Holzheimer. Neiriz developed his painting privately for many years alongside his profession as a dealer and collector, while he already exhibited photographs in Teheran in 1978/79, which received much public attention because of their socially critical message. The first large exhibition of own paintings took place in 2001/02 in Zitadelle Spandau.


Ilona Ottenbreit, born in 1972 in Erbach / Odenwald, studied Painting under Prof. Volker Stelzmann at Berlin University of the Arts since 1998 and in 2002 changed to Sculpture under Prof. Harro Jacob where she graduated as master class student in 2006. Since 2001 numerous solo and group exhibitions, national and international scholarships, among them the painting scholarship of Dorothea Konwiarz Stiftung in 2001 and a working scholarship in Collioure, Côte Vermeille, France in 2005. Her works are in the public collections of BBBank Berlin and PTV Karlsruhe. In 2011 Ilona Ottenbreit founded the performance group "Dimensions". This was the initiation for conceptual developments in the live performance sector that bring dance, theatre, music, and painting together. In 2011 and 2013 she got public project promotions for the Sculpture-Dance-Performances "Dimensions" and "Homo Utopiens". www.ilonaottenbreit.de

 Born in Neustadt am Rübenberge in 1965, Jan Beumelburg studied Fine Arts at Braunschweig Academy of Fine Arts in 1984. In 1990 Diploma and Masters Degree as student of Prof. Roland Dörfler. From 1990 to 1993 freelancer at the Staatstheater Braunschweig and Schauspiel Frankfurt a.M. Since 1990 numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany (including Braunschweig, Berlin, Marburg, Potsdam, Frankfurt a.M., Cottbus, Frankfurt a.d.O., Belzig, Tübingen, Ahrenshoop) and abroad (Amsterdam, Haifa/ Israel, Paris, Minca/ Colombia), since 1997 awarded with various scholarships i.a. with the residence scholarship Schloss Wiepersdorf. Also successful in other fields of art such as architectural art Jan in painting is engaged in the subject of the human body both in terms of content and style. He is interested in the mixture of different spheres such as external and internal spaces, different levels of time, the profane and the significant, the elements of the macroscopic and the microscopic world, comedy and melancholy.

Born in Poland in 1953, since 1980 in Germany, Marek Benczewski lives and works in Berlin since 2014. In addition to his own artistic work, he is also the initiator and organizer of a variety of international art and cultural projects, i.a. in the field of performance (e.g. “Temporary Falling and Fainting Theater", 1999-2007 in Italy, Russia, Poland, Germany), social pedagogy and installation (station vision, currently in Berlin).

As a draftsman Marek is an attentive detector of contemporary history, which he focuses on with a sharp pencil tip or flowing pen of ink. His works, delicately detailed and designed to challenge the viewer's mind, are pieces thinking about the present. By means of their sometimes poetic, sometimes grotesque gesture they become drawn metaphors of life. It is no coincidence that sometimes the essential is outside the picture. www.benczewski.de

Sara Assadi, 1985 born and raised in Teheran, lives and works in Berlin since 2008. Dealing with art and painting already since high school with a diploma in graphic design, she proceeded the development of her artistic skills during her academic studies, where she holds degrees in product design (B.A.) and technology and innovation management (M.Sc.). Since 2015 she is professionally working as a freelance artist and studies Fine Arts at University of the Fine Arts Berlin since 2018.

Sara's painting style is a further development of figurative art with emphasis through a kind of deformative and reductive language of form. In dialogue with the intrinsic value of color, the expressive power of line and styles as well as the play with foreground and background become mediators of socio-philosophical questions. www.sara-assadi.com

Tiba (Mohsen Tighbakhsh) was born in 1968 in Teheran. In order to secure his livelihood despite the turbulent years in Iran during his young jears and to still be close to art, he learned the restoration of antique carpets and textiles. In 1993, he left Iran to realize his visions as an artist. In addition to his talent for drawing and the urge for artistic creations, Tiba was fascinated to master tattooing from an early age on - the artful shaping of the human skin and the body. Since 1996 in Germany, he pursued this dream through self-taught learning. In 2006, the German-Iranian opened his own tattoo studio in Berlin and now counts some celebrities among his clients. The professional success as a tattoo artist made it possible to set up his own atelier. This was the initial ignition for the comprehensive artistic exploration of painting in connection with Kilims (carpets) as well as the development of new ideas in the object sector. www.tibart.de