Current exhibition

30.07. - 27.08.2020

Berlin: ein Kind, das noch im Traum lacht - Frauke Bohge

“An hour is not just an hour; it is a vessel filled with scents, tones, plans and climates. What we call reality is a certain relationship between sensations and memories.”
Marcel Proust

For Frauke Bohge, time and memory form a central field of inspiration in terms of content and form. Her landscapes and cityscapes reveal her sense for the interweaving of space- and time dimensions, her sense for the meaning of places as carriers of memories. After all, it is above all striking places that - as remembered or real - preserve what lies behind us or will one day lie. The exhibition (English title "Berlin: a child who still laughs in dreams") juxtaposes a selection of cityscapes with works from Frauke Bohge's current series on the subject of childhood. In painting and textile collage, she takes up the question of the possibility of returning to a past (lost?) time of our Selves. What is it that lies behind us as a past or childhood? And what does this childhood mean that we see as adults in young faces? Answering these questions would be a journey to the beginnings of the individual personality.

THU 27.08.2020, 15:00 - 21:00

>> More information about Frauke Bohge and her contribution to feinart berlin's "Corona Intra Views"