Current exhibition

Postponed to 28.01.2021

A u f B r u c h

Aurore Millet

The exhibition with the title "AufBruch" (English "BreakOut") is inspired by the question to what extent Aurore Millet's in content and style complex works produced between 1996 and 2020 can be looked at and understood in the continuum of an artistic development. The drawings, photo prints and paintings have in common that, at the origin of every creative process, the artist is concerned with the act of looking closely and seriously: looking between and behind the things in our everyday world of perception and their abstraction or, in some cases, radicalization of the essentials such as colors, contours, negative- and positive forms. To look closely in this way means to be attentive, alert and critical, as for example in the series Reminiscence, that was created from 2001 to 2004 out of personal experiences with the war in Palestine and Israel.

Between everything and nothing stands life - and artistic freedom. Aurore Millet's works challenge us to face the world again and again with alert eyes and senses.

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