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Exhibition C.D. Aschaffenburg "Unweit Jenseits"

Unweit Jenseits - C.D. Aschaffenburg

06.02. - 19.03.2020

The exhibition focuses on paintings by C.D. Aschaffenburg that show him as a wanderer between the worlds, a compositeur of dynamic pictorial spaces. Landscapes, imposing interior designs and sometimes magical figure scenes intertwine, so that utopian places bordering on the uncanny and the otherwordly evolve. The power of the motifs lives on a special picture atmosphere: the impression of hidden but meaningful connections, the promise of a deeper secret, but also the appearance of a departure and consciousness behind the abyss. Born in 1953, C.D. Aschaffenburg not only gained a reputation as a painter but also as a film producer and director in the experimental film field. At the opening reception his short film "Krause, oder ein beschriebener Film ist halt wie ein erzähltes Mittagessen" from 1988 will be shown.
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Opening reception: Thursday 06.02.2020, 19:00
Introduction by Christian Kneisel

Closing event: Thursday 19.03.2020, 19:00